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Merry Christmas!

2009-12-15 16:31:35 by Newbo

Merry Christmas YOU GUYZ! :D

I'm finally done my wallpaper, and I think it looks great, and if you guys can enjoy it that would be a bonus. I know my Merry Christmas is a little premature.. like so many other things, but I'm just really excited because it is getting close to that time of the year where I don't have any more days where I have to stay up until 1 in the morning studying for engineering exams..

Here is my gift to you, my completed wallpaper, go check it out in my art section. Vote if you want, and leave comments, I'll definitely read them and RESPOND!

Anyways, cheers and have a great holiday!


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2009-12-15 19:09:01

Haahaa the dork night!!! Now thats fucking funny! Merry JEsusday!

Newbo responds:

Thanks man! Merry Jesusday too! cept its more like Merry consumermaterialism day, but heck, I enjoy presents too.

I really think I'm in the wrong profession though, I don't want to do math for the rest of my life lol. I'd much rather spend all my time drawing some really good stuff. But que sera, sera..