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Merry Christmas!

2009-12-15 16:31:35 by Newbo

Merry Christmas YOU GUYZ! :D

I'm finally done my wallpaper, and I think it looks great, and if you guys can enjoy it that would be a bonus. I know my Merry Christmas is a little premature.. like so many other things, but I'm just really excited because it is getting close to that time of the year where I don't have any more days where I have to stay up until 1 in the morning studying for engineering exams..

Here is my gift to you, my completed wallpaper, go check it out in my art section. Vote if you want, and leave comments, I'll definitely read them and RESPOND!

Anyways, cheers and have a great holiday!


2009-12-15 05:21:05 by Newbo

Well it's almost done, but I don't want to submit it until I've completely finished with it, but its 5 in the morning and I'm reallly tired. All thats left for me to do is the background, which I'll leave to another day, for now you can look at this to keep you excited.



2009-12-14 23:08:46 by Newbo

Here is my second work in progress!


Newgrounds Christmas OVERDRIVE!

2009-12-14 02:06:14 by Newbo

God damn I love my art! Especially when its done with a paper and pencil! You see, I was originally doing a christmas newgrounds themed picture purely on photoshop using the tablet (which I'm terrible at) and then I a message from god came in loud and clear! My photoshop crashed and I didn't save the drawing I was almost finished with! So I took some paper and decided, it would be way faster if I drew the damn thing again on paper, but this time I added so much little extra stuff that now I'm really excited and I think I'll stick with the paper and pencil FOREVER! Muahahaha. Anyways I'll give a sneak peak of what I'm planning to release by Christmas for newgrounds.

Newgrounds Christmas OVERDRIVE!

Pencir and Paypah

2009-12-13 15:38:11 by Newbo

I really need a pencil and paper to draw the stuff I want, so far everything I've posted has been done with a really small wacom tablet, which to my dismay is the only thing available at the moment since I have no sketchbook or proper drawing tools where I am right now. I almost never draw using the tablet, which is why my drawings may be sub par, once I get that paper, I'll scan something fierce.

Finished 3/5 exams...

2009-12-13 01:35:34 by Newbo

Just kill me now, thank you.

I uploaded a new pic, its a quick sketch of a dirty ass bum, enjoy. Expect more soon. Oh yeah, and go check out DimSumGirl's page, it has some really good renders.

I post thing now!

2009-12-12 13:35:06 by Newbo

Just decided to get active again after almost a gagillion years! Expect to see a flash video in the next few weeks, just gotta finish up my University exams! GO ENGINEERING! I'll be posting a lot of art soon though, cause its what I do when I'm so bored. And studying just happens to bring that out in me.

I'll go get to work now!